Why are there no painted rocks in my area?

If you can’t find painted rocks in your area, don’t worry! There might not be active players just quite yet. Spread the word to get the fun started!

Where can I find painted rocks near me?

Painted rocks are commonly found in parks, hiking trails, rest stops, playgrounds and more. Use our Rock Locator Map to explore your area!

Is it illegal to hide painted rocks?

Hiding painted rocks is not illegal, however, all national parks have leave-no-trace policies. Make sure not to hide them here, and it’s always best to check specific rules for places near you! 

What’s the purpose of painted rocks?

Painted Rocks make the world a better place because they inspire acts of kindness and joy.

How will I be able to follow my rock on its journey?

Painted Rocks App generates tracking codes that can be attached to the back of your rock. When the next person finds your rock, they’ll be able to learn all about it by looking up the code!

What is a painted rock garden?

Painted rock gardens are large groups or collections of painted rocks in one area. Often they will be marked with a sign.